Cannabis and the Cannabinoid Connection (THC) Wood Laser Engraved Grinder, Custom Grinder with a FREE Glass Jar,


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GRINDER MAINTENANCE: The best thing to use to clean your grinder and make it like brand new is ISO alcohol. It will break through all the super thick weed gunk that is stuck around the edges and in the teeth. You may have to soak it. After you soak it, wipe it down with a towel. Use a q-tip to get into the grooves if you have to.◈ INCLUDED with purchase: 1 FREE GLASS JAR with sealed top for freshness MAGNETIZED LID holds cap on tightly. No spills or accidents!
◈ 3 Parts Wooden Grinder DURABLE with ultra teeth to shred dried herbs, tobacco and other dried plant material
◈ Stylish Small Glass Container Storage jar With Natural Lid Clear Glass For Easy Viewing For Keeping Your Favorite Ingredients On Show
◈Size: 45mm Height: 1.7 inches x Diameter:60mm 2.36″



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