3 Killer Reasons To Stop Smoking Weed – What Is Marijuana Doing To Your Physical Appearance?



There are many reasons why you probably want to stop smoking weed, and in today’s article I would like to discuss the physical effects that marijuana has on you and your body. I have always thought it was a great idea to create a list of different reasons why you should quit smoking weed. At least this way you’re able to clarify in your own mind the negative effects of your marijuana addiction, and indeed it is fantastic to use as a reference guide.

1) Your breathing and respiratory system – most people find that smoking pot can have a fairly negative effect on their respiratory system. Let’s face facts, you definitely don’t breathe as well as you would if you didn’t smoke at all. When I initially stopped smoking weed it took about 2 to 3 weeks to notice a considerable change in the capacity of my lungs.

In fact, I actually started out with a wheezy cough and I believe this was due to the effects of suddenly quitting marijuana after years of smoking. You will typically find that your lungs may also have been burnt from inhaling pot smoke as it is generally too hot for them to handle. You may also notice that smoking will affect your sinuses in general, and I often had a blocked nose.

2) Your skin – most people with a marijuana habit will not have particularly good skin. I would hazard a guess that this comes from poor blood circulation and often a lack of oxygen to rehydrate the skin. This will usually make someone who smokes marijuana look a lot older than they are. Once I finally managed to quit smoking weed I noticed within a month or two that my skin had started to look far smoother and healthier.

This was especially true with the skin around my face and it actually didn’t take long for the bags under my eyes to disappear. Another factor that had built up over time was that the thumb and forefinger on both of my hands were often discolored and extremely rough. I guess this is from constantly holding a hot, burning joint.

3) Eyes and teeth – we are all aware that bloodshot eyes are an after-effect of smoking marijuana, however, I often found I was constantly itching my eyes and they were usually only half open and I always had a dazed looked as though I wasn’t really there. This would usually affect my vision in some way, although it didn’t really seem a problem at the time. As for my teeth, I would always ensure that I regularly brushed, although this did not stop my teeth becoming stained from resin and tar that would be in the joints that I smoked. I must admit that my teeth have started to improve in their overall appearance.


Source by Sam Renstaff


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