Depersonalization Cure – It Takes Time and Skills, But is Eventually Treatable!



Depersonalization is quite frightening without a doubt and many think this is a condition that is permanent and will haunt them for the rest of their lives, however the opposite is often the truth as the prognosis for recovery is good, with the right guide even better. The following article should serve you as the basic guideline to help you out from depersonalization towards an emotion-rich and anxiety-free life.

There are several things that have helped me a lot with overcoming my anxiety and so depersonalization as anxiety is often the main cause of depersonalization. The things I found most useful are:

1. Eat vitamins and supplements – depersonalization is a sign that something is wrong, usually indicates a chemical imbalance in the brain. Eating supplements and vitamins such as Alpha-Lipoic acid, B vitamins, Zinc are essential in restoring your brain’s chemical balance. Do not expect overnight results and do not give up on supplementing yourself, you will see positive results in several weeks or months, but remember its worth it.

2. Exercise and take your mind of it! – Thinking obsessively about your depersonalization and questioning what could you have done differently to prevent it wont help you believe me, it will only make matters worse. You are already depersonalized and its good to know what the trigger was (such as drug abuse, shock, panic attack) in order to prevent yourself becoming more depersonalized, if it was cannabis what triggered your depersonalization, stop using it, if it was strong anxiety that triggered it then learn to handle your anxiety efficiently. Doing some of your favorite activities will allow you to keep your thoughts on a different track, allowing you to relax yourself at least by a little bit. Exercise also promotes a happier mood as endorphins are being released.

3. Do not drink alcohol, nor smoke or use other drugs – avoid caffeine, too much sugar and drugs in general as these will worsen your anxiety and so worsen your depersonalization. If you continue to smoke or drink, it will take much longer for your brain to regenerate. Drugs such as alcohol only hide your anxiety in short term, however they worsen anxiety in long term as the rapid shifts of mood due to drugs baffle your brain.

These are the basics in treating depersonalization, it may be hard to follow and fulfill, but don’t stop and keep trying as you will eventually snap out of it. Even I did after long 9 months (some resolve quicker, some slower), at first I was doing the wrong things such as drinking caffeine which only make things worse, but with time I learned what are the dos and don’ts regarding depersonalization are and became re-personalized if that is a word.

There is much more to know, so keep researching, look through different links. Books and websites about anxiety can greatly help you by putting you on the right track towards curing your depersonalization, remember anxiety is the major cause of depersonalization so most of the treatment for depersonalization consists of suppressing your anxiety. Very few things in life are permanent, the same goes for depersonalization, so do not worry too much about it.


Source by Patrick Andersen


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