(25pcs 45mil LED) 80W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lights for marijuana Indoor Plant Greenhouse with IR&UV


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DILIYA 3W Chip series—80W LED Grow Light, Professional plant light, with the most useful spectrum, higher PAR value, upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks and cooling fans, The best color ratio is more suitable for the vegetative stage and blooming stage of any plant

Spectrum:It is Full Spectrum LED Grow Light, Scientific useful Red and Blue spectrum ratio, with this lights, you will see an increase in quality by growing all kinds of vegetables, flowers, pot culture and medicinal plants that are dense and in good result.

PAR Value: This plant growing lamps is scientifically engineered to keep the balance with high PAR/Lumen and suitable Coverage. It is perfect for 1.5×2′ growing area at 15-25″ height. This design can provide more uniform light for plants growing and will not stunted plant growth and avoid sunburn.

Efficient Heat Dissipation: UL approve cooling fan plus heat emission hole system provide better heat dissipation.

Power: 80W
Input Voltage: AC 85 ~ 265V, 50/60HZ
Power factor: > 0.9
Working environment: -20~40 Celsius degree, 45%~95%RH
LED Tips: New 3W 45mil Epistar
LED quantity: 25pcs
Lifetime: 50,000 hours
Color: Red + Blue + white + UV + IR
Wavelength: Red (620-630nm; 650-660nm); Blue (430-440nm; 450-475nm); Orange (605-610nm); White (3500 K–4000 K); IR (730nm); UV (380-410nm)
Coverage Area: 1.5mx 2 m Square Ft in most (Lighting area and height are changeable according to different plants and environment)
Dimensions: 21 * 17 * 5 cm
Weight: 1kg

Package Contents :
1 x 80w led grow light
1 x Suspension cables & Screw Fittings
1 x Power cable

-3 year warranty and 30 days money back is our promise, if any delivery or quality problems, please contact us firstly, problems will be solved as soon as possible.Full spectrum LED Grow Light: Red (620-630nm; 650-660nm);Blue (430-440nm; 450-475nm);White (3500 K–4000 K); IR (730nm);UV (380-410nm). Red and Blue light has the biggest contribution for plants. UV: Inhibiting the egetative growth of the plants, to prevent excessive growth, sterilization, to prevent plant pests. IR: Promote seed germination, stem and leaf growth and fruit ripening.
Safety –High quality materials: Plug with VDE and UL Certification Wires, Heatproof Tube, NO risk to catch fire. Adopting isolated power supply, Safe and easy to maintain and keeps long life span
Efficient Growing: This grow lights with best color ratio and luminous efficiency, Suitable for any growth stage (Germination, growth, flowering, results) of any plant, help your plants grow better.
Widely use: This plant light suitable for all kinds of plant growth, flowering, results; and widely used in greenhouse, plant factory, greenhouse farming, flower farming, indoor gardens.
Warranty & Customer Service-3 years warranty, 30 days return and lifetime consulting services.



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