Can Anyone Give Up Smoking?



I believe they can. The real question is 'Do I want to quit?' It's the only question a smoker should ever ask themselves before starting a cessation program. The power of the cigarette is intense when it comes to mind control. As a smoker you believe that you want to smoke. As a smoker you believe you enjoy smoking. As a smoker you believe you need to smoke. These are the reasons why smokers smoke.

Nicotine replacement therapy, prescription drugs, natural remedies, acupuncture and hypnotherapy. Any one of these methods could prove effective or ineffective for any smoker wishing to give up. Many of these methods cost more than smokers are prepared to pay. Smokers begin to doubt the success of the method before they even try it let alone stick with it.

A method to quit smoking must deal with the reasons to smoke if it is going to prove successful. The reasons to smoke – want, enjoy and need, become the problems that need solving. Identifying the problem is always the best way to find a solution.

The most powerful 'tool' available to any smoker is their mind. The power of the mind is the real key to success. When you can reverse your beliefs on smoking you can quit and you do not need to be a mind guru to do it. One of the easiest ways to accomplish a task is to copy what someone else has done. One person shows the way for others to follow. Can anyone quit smoking? Yes, if they know the way.


Source by Richard Crisp


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